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post-industrial electronic music

New album out now!

IRKLIS “Onkalo”
Date of release: 28.02.2021

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IRKLIS is an electro-industrial band that was founded in 1988 in Germany / Leichlingen (originally under the name Formā Anonym and later Audioscope).

In 2003/2004 the formerly 3 members returned to their roots of industrial electronic music and manifested themselves again. IRKLIS is constantly working on developing her own style, a never ending journey in sound creation.

The music has a retro-character because the band just didn’t stop using the same old cult synthesizers of the late 80s. Not only former members of Kraftwerk or The Klinik have expressed their sympathy for the music of IRKLIS. Also the younger audience appreciates the non-conformist style of their sound. IRKLIS has a strong preference for electronic-analogue sound production, but does not renounce the precision of digital recording technologies or instruments.

Irklis is the Latvian poetic, but outmoded, word for an oar which is used for steering. The duo is located in Europe with residences in Germany and Latvia.

IRKLIS are Robin Brüning and Aleksandrs Berzins.

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